Too often, we as citizens take our health at the word of someone else, and that’s where dr stella immanuel website is not satisfied with our health system. It appears as if there are agendas being communicated to patients more than actual truth. I’ve heard several reports of people coming in and the doctor not knowing what is going on, and the patient suggesting what they think it is. The doctor then goes on to research the patient’s suggestion as well as the patient’s history to discover that the patient was in fact right. I find it appalling when a doctor who has gone through many years of education as well as the doctor vesting experience of obtaining a residency proving those man hours is shown up by their own patient. That does not instill a vote of confidence, and as a patient they are often left wondering what am I paying for.

At the end of the day, the doctor does have a job to do, the patient also needs to take a little responsibility in the interaction which is why dr stella immanuel website provides so much good information. Not only do we provide good information, but we provide good vitamins and supplements specifically designed by our team of practitioners to assist your body remain in tip-top shape. We want to ensure you have good gut health, good heart health, great immunity no matter what is going on, and for you to remain hydrated. By allowing you to remain an integral part of the patient / physician process, you will take a more active role in making decisions for what’s best for your health as well as researching health standards.

On dr stella immanuel website We want to be known as the pillar of Truth for not only medical needs, but bringing our nation back in submission to guide himself. You can catch Dr Stella’s YouTube videos as well as videos where she has appeared on other people’s shows or been part of other events. A large part of her reach is because she is a preacher and prophet for people to return back to God. She uses her platform to combat the agenda of keeping America victims to their own health. A lot of times we are so wrapped up in getting something quick to eat that we fail to think about how this food is nourishing us, or not nourishing us.

Our poor diet in America has led us down a path of being constantly subject to adverse health effects. And now that we know that the government does not have our best interest at heart, we are now charged with taking a more active role in our health. A journey to healthy living does not start or end with going to the doctor when you have an ailment that needs to be looked at. It starts with you at home and usually surrounds what you’re consuming. We are constantly stuffing our face with something whether that be junk food, caffeine, or quick fix foods which are often plagued with many preservatives.

If this sounds like The truth that you want to live and need further information on how to adequately do this, head over to our website at where our team of license practitioners have lots of information on there for you to do your own research. Our team of medical practitioners have also worked together to create proprietary formulas designed to boost your immunity and keep you in tip-top health. Feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574 So you can take charge in your health journey today.

Dr Stella Immanuel Website | Community Standard Of Truth

It’s our opinion at dr stella immanuel website that the public has stopped holding people accountable who need to be. Whether that is government officials, health officials, or even our pastor, we have stopped expecting them to do the job they signed up for. Most of us have experienced being let down by someone in a position of authority before, and that is most likely what’s going on. But the truth of the matter is if we expect change we have to be accountable to that change. And furthermore, change starts with us. We cannot expect others to change if we are unwilling to change ourselves.

We have been lied to as a society so much, and dr stella immanuel website aims to correct that. We should not accept lies being spewed at us, and it is our responsibility to do all the research necessary for us to determine the truth for ourselves. Once we begin holding our own souls accountable to the change that we desire to see in our community, we can then impart that same action to our family. It does take time for your family to get on par with a new agenda, and we are here to pray with you if you need support.

We want you to be a part of dr stella immanuel website mission of no longer accepting mediocrity. Not only for ourselves but for our community at large. We cannot sit by and lie to ourselves and accept that lie and not expect others to lie to us. Once we get our families on board and they are acting in the same moral light that we desire for our country to turn to, they are now being disciples within the community at large. The community is then responsible for defending the things that the community stands for. The larger numbers we do this in the larger are threat.

The strategy of fixing our communities by turning to God individually actually follows the blueprint that God created when he created us. We are in fact the body of Christ correct? In each body part down to the smallest portion, a cell plays a role. When that cell is mutated or inflamed, it is asking for help. All the rest of the cells and organs around begin to offer that help so much so, that it will give all of its energy and risk shutting down and not working if it saves the tiniest cell. The difference with us as the body of Christ is that we think we are an island unto ourselves and need not one other person to help us. That is not what God intended nor is it how he designed anything. In fact in Genesis it says that the man should have a wife or companion so that he will not be alone. That shows how important community is to God.

If you are known as a freedom fighter and are interested in doubling down that fact, please be sure to click our link and take a look at all of the tools and information that you can use to fight for the truth. If you would like support from a person feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574 where we can offer you additional resources as well as prayer and support.