When dr stella immanuel website came to the knowledge that the CDC was suggesting to mask ourselves She highly objected to this fact. Being that she has had many experiences with helping people with malaria, she has seen how by receiving the adequate medications and an assurance to get some clean outside air You can greatly reduce the symptoms in which You may currently be experiencing. When COVID was at its height, and the fact that it can be spread around through people not observing hygiene practices, a mask in large public places where you cannot remain distant does make sense. However, now especially that the threat is mostly over, there is no need to push the use of masks or for cities to mandate them.

Dr stella immanuel website noticed that the suggestion of wearing a mask to limit the spread, soon became an overreaching mandate throughout the nation. Businesses that were struggling to stay open to begin with not only had to deal with staff shortages and product shortages, but they were also required to now purchase masks and antibacterial solution in order to maintain a safe environment for their customers to be able to come and patronize. The uniform application without data to back it is a dangerous thing. It seems like there have been numerous instances in history that have painted this fact, however in the present moment we are never taking the time to look back at what has already occurred. We do not look for patterns and solutions of what not to repeat, which means we are not adequately using our resources.

As more confusion and misinformation began to circulate around the nation, dr stella immanuel website remained steadfast in her truth that controversial treatments are adequate for the purpose of treating the symptoms of COVID which are similar to the symptoms of malaria. One thing that we do know for a fact is that you cannot maintain a lie for a long time, the fact is that Dr Stella has remained steadfast in the same Truth she originally attempted to share. This truth got her censored by our media and questioned our medical authority to the point where her doctor’s license in general was being questioned.

As our nation is still struggling to put the pieces back together, we are still faced with many unnecessary mandates in our city government. At times the threat level seems to be arbitrary and ensuring that citizens have the truth does not seem to be of great importance. While many citizens of the United States go about quoting from the Constitution, it doesn’t appear as if the truth is a necessary factor for our god-given rights. Matter of fact, it only says that we have the right to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I know that I am most happy when I am most aware and am receiving the truth.

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Dr Stella Immanuel Website | No Need For A Vaccine

As the COVID pandemic came to a head, it was evident that there was an agenda that dr stella immanuel website was not happy about. There seems to be a race with private corporations to come up with a vaccine for something that was relatively new to the public. Well the Corona virus has been around for some time, this specific variant which caused the pandemic was new. It was more highly contagious and made it more highly dangerous. However the symptoms are the symptoms and therefore can be treated orally without the use of a vaccine. One thing that makes a vaccine very dangerous is the fact that it acts just like an antidote for poison. In order to create an antidote you have to have a small presence of the poison included. This is done with our flu shots as well, which is why sometimes that flu shot does not help you but in fact does give you that strain of flu for that year.

It takes time for vaccines to be proven and dr stella immanuel website knew that fact. A common vaccine that we take for granted is the polio vaccine, however many do not know that researchers began working with the vaccine in the 1930s, and it was not created to be an effective vaccine until 1953 When the researcher responsible for the vaccine tried it on himself and his family. In 1954 the same vaccine was given to 1.6 million children in Canada, Finland and the United States. Those results were shared in 1955 and the polio vaccine was then accepted. There is a process.

The main reason why vaccines are not widely accepted immediately, is that they have to be proven effective and dr stella immanuel website knew this. During a pandemic is not a time to attempt testing with somebody else’s life. It’s time to utilize resources that are known to work and work well. Since we did not have another COVID pandemic to compare protocol to, a race to find the cure began. As with any race, mistakes are made, and without time to re correct these actions, the people who are taking the biggest risk are the citizens of America. We have no idea what the long-term effects of utilizing a vaccine that is under tested will be. I’m sure in about 20 years we will find out.

As the years go on, a greater and greater risk is assessed to the public. More and more health scares are occurring more rapidly. Terrorists for some time have been attempting to utilize biological warfare. All of these facts contribute to the overall health and well-being of our citizens. If our health and well-being is not The most important factor in our leadership making decisions, then the fact is all of our citizens are at risk. It is up to us to seek out the truth for our own selves and make our own mind up. Our health and the integrity of our souls are our responsibility.

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