When you go online to our Dr Stella Immanuel Website you are going to see the accessibility of Telehealth services from DrStellaMD. Before you sign up for this, understand that all the fees for the consultation are going to cover providers who review your chart as well as your medical history. it is also going to cover prescribing appropriately, so understand that before you sign up for this Telehealth service. you will also be contacted in a variety of ways. She has the best telehealth services that will give you understanding and a convenient way to get on top of your health.

for instance, as it says on our Dr Stella Immanuel Website, the Telehealth services at DrStellaMD and her professionals can provide for you is going to contact you either through text message, phone call, or email, and that all depends on your medical history patients have prescribed when they were looking for prophylaxis. understand that if you are a sick patient it is imperative that we speak to you, reach out to us as soon as you can. we ask that you answer the phone and text so we can facilitate your consultation.

Remember to check out our Dr Stella Immanuel Website so you can receive the Telehealth services from DrStellaMD as well as take off any type of locks that your phone has until we are talking to you about your sickness. providers will always be available to answer any questions that you may have and this is something that you are not going to find with any other facility. We are also happy to say that the prescriptions that you get from us are going to be forwarded to the pharmacy of your choice so be sure to let us know of any allergy history that you have.

Before we fill out your prescription through DrStellaMD and ship it to you, again, make sure that we have your allergy history and we would love to tell you about the medication cost. It is going to be like every other Pharmacy and it does not include refills so understand that you will have to reach out to the pharmacy and pay before you will be able to receive that refill. you’ll see that with our first edition consultations, they are going to be separate from Pharmacy fees, so understand that first.

Whenever you receive a consultation from one of the facility members through DrStellaMD, we know that you are not going to want to go anywhere else. you can get started with that service whenever you give us a call today at the number 832-808-5574. Before you sign up for these services, check out all the information we have on our website at www.doctorstellamd.net such as the fact that whenever medications are shipped to you we will not be able to refund money unfortunately. This is due to the fact that medications cannot be taken back and put on shelves.

Dr Stella Immanuel Website | Information For You Before Service

providers that operate off of our Dr Stella Immanuel Website for the Telehealth services that DrStellaMD can provide are always going to receive the best reviews. If you would like to review the experience that you have had, then we would love your feedback. understand that we are not going to contest any chargebacks that happen after the consultation, so with this knowledge in mind, understand that you will be able to confidently sign up for these Telehealth services. You will see that we make several times when it’s time to reach out to our patients including text, email, and phone calls.

However, as you can see on our Dr Stella Immanuel Website if one of the Physicians for DrStellaMD is not able to reach out to you several times, then we are going to cancel your appointment. We will also then refund the money but we are going to keep 25% of it for the work that we have already done. for covid care understand that there are controversial treatment protocols that we will operate with that we want you to fully understand before we go forward. We use off-label services at times so be sure to do your own research.

sign up for the Telehealth services that you are going to receive on our Dr Stella Immanuel Website and we know that DrStellaMD as well as her fellow professionals will provide you with the best recommendations. vitamins will be available on our Marketplace as well as in your local store, so be sure that you will see those options today. We will make sure that we are always here to help you with specific conditions as well and we want you to understand we are not your primary care doctor. Please do not hesitate to contact your regular doctor for other issues.

The Professionals of DrStellaMD advise you to stay safe as well as wash your hands and enjoy regular outdoor air. If you are sick, stay home and we would love for you to spread the word of what we are able to do. If you’re looking for early treatment as well as the prevention of any type of virus, reach out to us today and the key is going to be the blessings that God has given us. The team of our company is always going to provide you with the opportunity to book your consultation.

to get started with DrStellaMD as well as the Telehealth services that she is available, you’ll be able to reach out to her Representatives at the number 832-808-5574 as well as sign up for a consultation on our website at www.doctorstellamd.net. While you’re on this website you have the opportunity to see many different videos from different events that she has been at such as showcasing herself on any Candace Owen show as well as other shows that she has been a part of. if you’d like to see all of those videos, then we highly suggest it so check that out today.