It’s true, when dr stella immanuel website studied and resided in Cameroon, she saw numerous cases of malaria And Ebola as it was a normal case for her country. While there, she does not have the same restrictions as practicing medicine here in the United States. However, what she did get to see were fast results of people’s lives being spared. Malaria is a disease that is caused by a parasite which lives in the intestines of a mosquito, and in underdeveloped countries which lack infrastructure. In 2022 alone there were 619,000 deaths due to malaria and sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 95% of those deaths. In contrast, COVID deaths of 2022 were less than 550,000. I would say that there is a disproportionate amount of coverage regarding COVID then malaria.

Considering the experience that dr stella immanuel website has when it comes to dealing with deadly diseases, I would consider her to be an expert in her field. I would even beg to argue that even in a pandemic, Dr Stella has probably seen more cases of patients on deathbeds then the United States has seen all together. While part of being a physician is dealing with death, it is never something that should be accepted. People deserve to live, and if we have the ability to treat them, it is our duty to do so. Which is why we all work together to stand in truth.

Due to the steeping amount of malaria cases, dr stella immanuel website has vast experience with utilizing the drugs hydroxychloroquine as well as ivermectin. In fact, she has seen great success with hydroxychloroquine reducing the symptoms of malaria and getting the patient back on their feet in no time. Keep in mind that the symptoms of malaria do in fact coincide with many of the known symptoms of COVID. She was even able to have great success by administering these drugs to babies, children, and even elderly who we all know to be in the protected category due to their immune system being more directly affected.

When Dr Stella made her way to America, she began her medical practice by having a pediatric residency in Louisiana. There she opened her own pediatric practice, and even signed up to take shifts in the ER to maintain her general practitioner operation. At the ER, she was able to learn how to see patients who are in an urgent need of adequate care. Evidently, she was doing something right as she was asked to be part of a physician conference where they were discussing health implications of the pandemic. Here, she spoke to other members in her field and let them know that the symptoms of COVID are no different than the symptoms of malaria and how she was successful in treating the symptoms of malaria with these controversial treatments. It was soon after she shared this knowledge that she became censored and blackballed in the media, losing a large amount of her credibility with the public.

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Dr Stella Immanuel Website | Hydroxychloroquine

In America, hydroxychloroquine is a controversial treatment that dr stella immanuel website has a plethora of experience in working with, and is one of our prescription options available to those plagued with the COVID sickness. Traditionally, hydroxychloroquine is used as an arthritis medicine, which means it is used for the purposes of inflammation. When used for malaria it is often seen as a short 48-hour treatment course to see improvement of health. The reason this medication works for malaria is because it works to kill the organisms, or the parasite, that causes malaria. And this is what we are working hard for others to understand. It can be used to treat other things with similar symptoms.

While hydroxychloroquine is in fact used for some hospitalized people with COVID, It is dr stella immanuel website understanding and suggesting that it can also be used at the early onset of COVID, or even as preventative maintenance. The main symptom that this medication assists with is inflammation. As all of us have seen the CDC image of what the coronavirus does look like, we see it as an inflamed cell with large spikes. The spikes assist the cell in attaching to other cells to cause a weakness. Once the spike sale is in your body, it goes on to multiply and when it attaches itself to other organs or body parts begins to inflame. This is what causes shortness of breath, body fatigue, headaches in any other symptoms that people tend to get.

When dr stella immanuel website came out to tell everyone the truth regarding the symptoms of COVID as well as the possibility of treatment, she was ousted in her own field. In fact, the media, a complete other field of study, censored her and continued to push its fear-mongering techniques, igniting waves of people unwilling to accept this reality as the new normal. While Dr Stella went out on a limb for other doctors who may have thought the same thing, they’re not many other doctors coming to her aid and suggesting that what she’s saying is true. Which also feeds into the media frenzy of quieting people who do not go along with the agenda.

If our medical professionals were armed with medications that big pharma may not be pushing, but do get the desired result, they are armed with effective means of coming to a solution. With Dr Stella being censored for sharing the truth that she has known for many years, this incapacitates medical professionals’ ability to be effective in treating those with similar conditions. Much like COVID, malaria shares many symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headache and even vomiting. COVID does not have to be a death sentence, and neither does malaria. While in Africa, Dr Stella understood to be more concerned about the well-being of the patients than about the agenda at hand. Which is why when asked to share in her expertise, she shared that hydroxychloroquine would also assist in curing COVID as well.

If you would like for our health care professionals to have the option to utilize a controversial drug that is known to reduce the symptoms of COVID, then you are in fact in the right place. We do have telehealth services available on our website at which will allow you to be seen by a healthcare professional who can in fact prescribe hydroxychloroquine if it is determined that your symptoms will be assisted by taking it. We also have available for you to give us a call at 832-808-5574 where you can speak to a healthcare professional at any point in time for answers that you may be looking for.