It is the desire of dr stella immanuel website to be an ambassador of Truth. And the truth is there’s no reason for anyone to live in fear. For the nation was once facing an unknown enemy, we now know that the enemy is truly amongst us. A new virus can be a scary time however it doesn’t have to be if our health care professionals and those responsible for the citizens would speak the facts. The fact is that COVID is much like another strain of flu, or even that it has the same symptoms as malaria. Another fact is that COVID has been around before and is not a new virus created in the lab. However, how aggressive this form of COVID is may have been created in the lab; this fact is currently unknown.

The truth about dr stella immanuel website is that she has had many years of practicing with treating the symptoms of malaria. The symptoms of malaria include fever, chills, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, vomiting and headaches. In severe cases malaria can even cause jaundice, seizures, coma or death. When it comes to COVID, the thing that instills the most fears is that everybody’s symptoms can be different. In fact, if you look up the symptoms it begins by saying possible symptoms include. While malaria and covid do share similarities and symptoms, some things that make COVID unique are shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, and even possibly diarrhea. It honestly just all depends on how the virus attacks your body.

When dr stella immanuel website began taking shape, it became our mission to become the sounding board of truth when it comes to all things medicine, as well as the spiritual implications which have led to the dilemma that we have upon us today. As a prophet and preacher, she is used to her messages often being rejected; however, that does not stop her from telling the truth. It does not deter her if there are naysayers amongst her midst. The only thing that matters to her is that she does what she is called to do and that is to spread the truth of what is really going on in this great nation.

Whenever we are faced with fear it is very important for you to remain grounded in truth. You have to seek it out and find it for yourself. We hope to help you in this process by providing you with facts over fear. We do not give in to fear because we do not have that spirit because we are products of God’s creation. He gave us power, love, and a sound mind and that is exactly what we intend to use in order to find the truth of what is going on around us. What we do know is that it is our responsibility to turn back to God and to take our families of communities with us.

If all of this sounds exactly like what you’ve been attempting to do without the knowledge of a physician’s education, then look no further than our website where you can partner with a Dr Stella and her sister in her mission to keep the facts over the fear. If you would love to talk to one of our health care professionals or to receive a healing prayer feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574.

Dr Stella Immanuel Website | Turn Back To God

Well will you see that we are faced with an epidemic in healthcare, on the dr stella immanuel website We choose to look at all underlying effects. The fact is your health cannot be affected if you are in right standing with God. Our country has been so devastated in the realm of religion and God that we are not doing what we are called to do and maintaining this country for God. Not only are we failing in our country, but we are also failing in our communities as well as our families. There has been a wide attack beginning with our children for decades, and because we continue going on with our lives and not addressing these issues, they continue to fester.

It’s time to take back or rightly place as God’s chosen nation, and with dr stella immanuel website We intend to be that vessel. And we invite you to do the same. By acknowledging the truth that our nation has turned away from the principles which founded it, we open up the doorway to being able to correct the issue at hand. Without admitting that there is sin, we cannot pick the sin up and throw it away. It needs to be cast out as it is not bearing the fruit of us being a nation of great abundance and freedom. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, our family, and our community.

One thing that our dr stella immanuel website has not shied away from is the fact that the church has not been the present and consistent force it is called to be. For far too long the messages preached over the pulpit have not been based in scripture, and have had a hand and causing further confusion in our nation. Many times people question the motivation of churches or if they are even there for them as individuals. When people inside the community are asking these questions, it becomes evident that the church has failed. The only way for the church to get back on track is if we as individuals and family get back on track and take this nation back for the greatness that we know it can be.

We are not interested in political correctness here, we are interested in a hard turnaround and running towards God. He’s the only person who can save our nation, community, our family and ourselves. If we truly believe that we will do everything in our power to turn our great nation around. A great start would be prayer as a habit individually and as a family. Next would be reading the Bible and getting the word into your spirit on a regular basis. Lastly we need to create a community that agrees with the same things. By holding each other accountable we can ensure that this type of emergency never happens again.

If you are in agreement with the fact that America has turned its back on God and have a strong dedication to turning yourself, your family in your community around, we invite you to connect with us on our website . Here you will find a video showing Dr Stella speaking the truth in interviews as well as giving prophetic words when called too. You will be allowed to sign up for any updates as well as receive a free signed ebook for making any purchase. If you would rather speak to somebody directly regarding praying for our nation please feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574 as prayer is a service that we do provide.