If you are paying attention all, you know that dr stella immanuel website has a dire calling on her life. She has been tasked to dispel the spirit of fear overcoming many Americans. A fear of speaking up, A fear for their health, and overall a fear for being Christian. It’s no secret that God chose America for his prophetic task of remaining the remnant. Many Americans have turned away from God, which is what has allowed this plandemic to take place and destroy the peace of this country. Which is why Dr Stella has picked up the torch to bring America back to God.

This is a momentis task for dr stella immanuel website which is why if you believe in her great mission, we are offering a free ebook entitled 10-point plan to disciple America back to God. You do not even have to enter your email address in order to download this book. It is an 85 page book in PDF format highlighting a 10 point plan to disciple Americans back to God as given to her by the Holy Spirit in 2015. Prophetic prayer has been given to her in the cry that comes from second Chronicles 7:14, which asks us to humble our souls and to pray and seek the face of God to turn from their wicked ways. Then and only then will our land be healed.

As dr stella immanuel website utilizes her platform for the mission that God gave her, she realizes it cannot be done alone. This is why she is giving away this free ebook a 10-point plan to disciple America back to God. We know that we’re two or more gathered in the name of God. He will do great things, even miraculous things. However, the willingness to come together for this purpose belongs to us. It may seem like a long journey ahead of us, but it still must be done, the fight has just begun.As We go about our daily lives, let us not forget to wear the entire armor of God as we head into the valley of wickedness.

Realizing that America is the greatest symbol of freedom and hope the world has ever witnessed, falling before our eyes is painstaking. In doing something about it seems to be considered more criminal. This country was founded on Christian values, but it seems like Christianity itself was under attack in this nation. Anyone who seems to be disagreeing with the ulterior agenda is being attacked. The church has seemingly remained silent while these ulterior motivations have been implemented. Not only has membership in the church community declined over years, but faith and morality have also not increased. Churches sat back idly while our country has been stolen from us, and have not stood up to remain The example of morality.

If this content is up your alley and quickens your spirit, please head over to the website Doctorstellamd.net click on Telehealth Services at the top, then click on Pray For America at the top of the new menu again. This will bring you directly to the PDF for you to download and read for yourself. This was a deliberate plan of attack on our great nation, and it is our duty to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If you would prefer to speak to someone directly or to stand with someone else in prayer feel free to contact us at 832-808-5574.

Dr Stella Immanuel Website | We Will Not Concede

On dr stella immanuel website We recognize that the state of the country is in dire straits. But we will not concede to any laws of how far God has brought our nation. We can still win this fight by being a mighty motivating force in our families and in our. Just as small business is the answer to our capitalist economy, so are small groups of people who recognize the power of God that can reignite a flame of revival in our country once again. The first step is for all of us to hit our knees. We need to ask for forgiveness for allowing the agenda to slip through, forgiveness for not being watchful and praying. Then, we need to reintroduce prayer to our family and instruct them to pray at school, and reintroduce the practice of prayer as a personal habit.

One of the biggest questioning factors recognized by dr stella immanuel website is the pain that our youth does not understand how to respect themselves or authority surrounding them. Often, our children are only equipped to question, and rebel against authority. This is a factor from denying the authority of God in them personally, as well as our households, and even more so in the Church of our community. Our community is made up of smaller groups, or families. However, the evil of this nation has attacked the construction of a standard biblical family for decades. It is no wonder that marriage commitment is under attack and has been for quite some time. When divorce seems to be an option more than 50% of the time, there is a great problem in how we treat marriage as a whole in this country.

Dr stella immanuel website is sick and tired of the establishment creating the agenda to be the ones attempting to give solutions. It only perpetuates the agenda when we allow this to occur. If we, the righteous remnant of our great nation, do not provide moral or Christian solutions for the people affected, we can not be upset when the people of our nation choose options other than what God himself would approve. The accountability lies with us, and the truth is we as a people need to turn from our wicked ways. It appears that the concept of self preservation is of more importance than to conduct ourselves in the manner which coincides with the great commission given to us by Jesus Christ himself. How can we turn and be a witness of the goodness that God is if we are perpetuating the same equal measure of conflict and providing no real world solutions to the catastrophe at hand.

One of the most important factors in fighting this good fight, is getting back to the word of God. The Bible seems to be more an avenue of casual reading than something as a law book to guide our lives. We need to concentrate ourselves and read the Bible to get the law back into our souls and spirits. If we do not take the time to read, then anytime that you have quiet around listen to the audio Bible apps and utilize it while you’re driving. This habit alone quickens your spirit and allows God to use you in areas you never imagined. The same way that they utilize media and social media for their agenda, we too can utilize that tool to raise awareness. For example the free ebook on our website to disciple America back to God is free of charge. If you would like to donate to help us print and distribute great, if you would like to print out the version and distribute yourself great. Only thing we ask is that you get the word out.

If you are still here in this article, we know that you are fighting the good fight with us. Feel free to add Doctorstellamd.net to your list of resources for all of your health and wellness as well as spiritual needs. We know that there is a great turning back to God our country needs to go through, and it starts with us. If you would like additional support or prayer, feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574.