There are many health and wellness products available on dr stella immanuel website. She and other healthcare professionals have worked hard to create a variety of formulas designed specifically to keep you healthy in this trying time. We are well aware that it is a difficult task for regular everyday people to understand the health effects that many laws and suggestions are implying. We also understand that many physicians are blindly accepting whatever standard the CDC is placing and not attempting to discover what may work for their patients in their office. One of the products we offer to boost your immune system is called COVITS.

The health professionals connected to dr stella immanuel website have all worked together to create this immune boosting formula which is scientifically proven to promote health and hearing and keep viruses away from you all year round. It is a daily dietary supplement which comes in a bottle of 60 tablets. Vitamin c is often utilized in American homes anytime that there is a basic cold. It is an essential nutrient for a healthy immune system and helps your body fight off any ugly viruses or bacteria. Well this is a vitamin often found in food items such as citrus, it is well known that your body still requires an oral supplement when boosting your immune system.

Another vitamin dr stella immanuel website suggests is healthy and needed for boosting your immune system is vitamin D3. This vitamin specifically is used to boost the immunity as well as fight bacteria or virus infections. Being paired with the vitamin c makes this a two-punch combo known to take out any sickness your body may be facing. The truth is in our air, there are poisons that we are breathing in on a daily basis. There are many chemicals being utilized which are harmful to our health. By taking the daily dietary supplement COVITS You will be consuming all of the dietary supplements needed in order to boost your immune system.

COVITS is suggested to be taken daily to keep sickness away. The last two main ingredients are grouped together because one needs the other for the body to absorb it. Zinc needs a carrier so that it can enter the cell and do it to work. It is used as an inhibitor of RNA virus which includes influenza, Corona, and rhinoviruses. Quercetin is another supplement used to pair with zinc. This is the active ingredient that helps the zinc to enter the cell so that it can assist in reducing inflammation in the body. Being paired with the zinc it does help to strengthen the immune system, and also has an antihistamine effect.

There are many products available on our website which can be found by clicking on the marketplace tab. COVITS is only one of our products designed to keep you healthy and well at this trying time. If this sounds like a great product for you but you still have questions please feel free to call us at 832-808-5574

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With one scoop of ViroImmune Plus from dr stella immanuel website you can be sure to take charge of your health and ensure protection for all viruses including Ebola. Last year there was a scare indicating that Ebola and the Marburg virus may begin to surface again. Instead of waiting for it to happen and creating a supplement at that time, my team of professionals began working to formulate their supplement design to fight against viruses. Being able to help the community at large, specifically the American population to fight against any virus targeting your immune system, is one of our passions. Giving an alternate to modern medicine, and utilizing natural supplements is our other passion.

Key ingredients for the ViroImmune product available on dr stella immanuel website in the marketplace tab utilize naturally found ingredients known for boosting the immune system. Echinacea is a plant that has been known to stimulate various aspects of our immune system. This helps us by increasing natural killer cell activity. It increases white blood cells to act as an antimicrobial, anti-catterall and in immunomodulator. This is paired with another naturally found ingredient called astragalus. This ingredient seems to be a super medicine which can be utilized as an adaptogen, antibacterial, anti-cancer, cardiotonic, diuretic and many more medical treatments utilize it.

While vitamins and natural products are used in many of dr stella immanuel website product lines, there are times when naturally occurring enzymes are needed to help break down items found to be blocking your immunity. Proteases and peptidases are such enzymes that help to break down glycoprotein and filoviruses such as Marburg in Ebola. By utilizing these enzymes it helps to build your immunity against any viruses or bacterias such as these. Elderberry fruit extract and bilberry fruit extract are also well-known for assisting in boosting immunity within your body in part of the ViroImmune formula. It is a true treat to be part of this project and have the ability to get it into your hands.

While daily our immune system is battling things outside of our control, the one thing we can control is what we are putting in our bodies. Not only should we utilize products that maintain an integrity of naturally found ingredients, but science back discipline will give you the results that you’re looking for. What better way to find a dietary supplement than to utilize the education and knowledge from a group of doctors fighting the agendas to keep fear instilled in us. It is our good fight and duty to utilize our talents in this capacity.

If you are looking for a product which will help you boost your immunity and keep sickness away, we are confident you will enjoy products on our website by taking a look at our marketplace tab, you will see all of our products available to help boost your immunity today. If you have any further questions regarding anything at all on our website, need assistance with making a decision of the product, or simply require prayer feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574.