We develop products and supplements for dr stella immanuel website that will improve the health and wellbeing of every person who consumes them. We are especially proud of the CoviLyte blend which includes powerful ingredients that support mental clarity, energy, heart health, and immune support. We do all of this, as well as include an element for hydration and your daily vitamins and minerals all in one drink. It’s a suggestion that we take one skill to 8 oz of water or juice and shake until the powder is dissolved and drink it everyday. We know this product will truly bless your life.

Dr stella immanuel website professionals have worked tirelessly in order to create a few proprietary formulas and blends that help us create this amazing drink. The energy proprietary blend is providing energy through means of touring, caffeine anhydrous as well as guarana seed extract. This combination provides 150 mg of caffeine. Equivalent to our little over a cup of coffee. Well this may not be an equivalent to an energy drink you find in the store, it does utilize natural ingredients in order for you to get a good wake up jolt. And we know that you will truly enjoy it day in and day out.

The mental clarity and heart health proprietary formula developed by dr stella immanuel website utilizes products familiar to us to give us exactly what we’re looking for. Ginkgo below belief extract is utilized to bring mental clarity in the proprietary formula. Things that keep our heart healthy are a little bit different. However, the use of black seed powder as well as Korean ginseng root, elderberry fruit extract, pomegranate fruit extract and even marigold flowers boast a powerful blend to keep your heart ticking. It’s a well-known fact that most Americans do not consume enough color in their diet, so the marigold flower addition is a nice touch.

By remaining strictly natural, where utilizing ingredients and supplements that God gave us from the very beginning. From the creation of the earth God gave dominion to man to utilize things in the garden as well as the animals in the earth to our advantage. It’s evident that food can be utilized as medicine if formulated correctly. Getting out of a habit of eating processed and junk foods and placing in your body good dietary supplements with less filler and more nature is what you’re looking for. In order to rectify your health, and boost your immunity so that your body can fight for you, we suggest taking a dietary supplement daily that you know and trust.

When shopping around for dietary supplements, we know that our website Doctorstellamd.net is second to none. Our health care professionals have worked together to formulate natural lead occurring vitamins and supplement proprietary ones in order to help your health along the way. Be sure to take a look on our marketplace tab on our website, or give us a call at 832-808-5574 if you have any further questions before making a purchase.

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Poor diets and environmental agents are some of factors that dr stella immanuel website keep in mind when creating dietary supplements to combat these things. In the wake of COVID, we all were made aware of just how brittle our immune system actually was. For those who actually have compromised immune systems due to diseases that regularly need to be regulated, you may hold a higher risk of being affected by poor diet or environmental agents. CoviClease is a 4-day cleanse designed to detoxify and cleanse your body while also hydrating your body. Often, when You start your body with a cleanse, many people begin getting dehydrated. Which is why we not only want to help you cleanse your body from any toxins, but hydrate you and keep you from doing more harm.

Nature has provided us with several powerful ingredients that dr stella immanuel website has utilized in order to create a cleanse utilized to detoxify our body from harmful toxins. Covey clearance will assist you with rejuvenating your health utilizing basic and essential vitamins and minerals. Along with these basic vitamins, we utilize ingredients such as aloe vera, ginger root, and milk thistle. These ingredients alone are super powerful and in the body seek out and find any harmful toxins including metals found in your body and remove them so that your body can go on being the best it can be.

Our diets should be a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which help give us fiber and on dr stella immanuel website is utilized in a proprietary blend to assist in detoxifying your body. One thing about detoxifying the body is that the garbage inside your body has to have a way to come out, so please be sure to take time out of your day to properly detox. With ingredients in our proprietary blend the majority including fruits veggies and herbs such as lemon juice concentrate, ginger root extract, cranberry fruit extract, beetroot extract, milk thistle extract, blueberry fruit extract, blackberry fruit extract, elderberry fruit extract and the list goes on and on of many other fruit vegetable and herbs which can be utilized not only for detoxing, but also keeping your body hydrated with these natural occurring elements.

The flavor of our detoxifying cleanse treatment is lemon lime, which is powerful and detoxing and alkalizing the body. We suggest that you stay away from unhealthy food during this 4-day cleanse and we ask that you increase the fruits and vegetables that you’re eating at this time. It’s also imperative to drink a ton of water so as to help your body flush out the toxins residing inside your body cells. It is best that you understand that while these ingredients work together to take away harmful toxins, that hole in your body needs to be filled with something that gives life. By drinking water, the solution to all life, you will help to create an environment in your body to breed further life.

There are many other beneficial products that are available on our website Doctorstellamd.net We suggest that you take a look through all of our products available by clicking on the marketplace tab in perusing through all of the products We have specifically designed for you. If you require any further answers, feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574 to speak to one of our health care professionals today