The ability to see a physician when you are sick is imperative and at dr stella immanuel website we make sure that you have this option available to you. We offer telehealth appointments available by phone or online. This allows us to give you an accurate synopsis of what is going on with your health, recommendations to products we have worked hard to develop, as well as providing prescriptions for products that most are not willing to prescribe. This gives us the added advantage of keeping you safe, as well as providing healthcare that you agree with morally. Truth is truth and that is exactly what we are delivering to our patients.

There is no hidden agenda with dr stella immanuel website. We seek to provide the truth to our patients and provide them with the much needed preventative care including immune support. We have a team of providers waiting to help in any way possible and are always available to answer your questions. Any fees collected for telehealth appointments are specifically for physician consultation which includes reviewing your chart and medical history in order to give you a personalized solution based on your specific needs. Once a prescription is given, it is then forwarded to our pharmacy where it will be shipped right to your door.

It is known that dr stella immanuel website is providing controversial treatment options who’s protocol hasn’t been approved. However, it doesn’t make it any less effective. By booking a telehealth appointment and responding to your appointment time our physicians will ensure that you receive the best quality treatment for whatever needs you are most concerned about. There are times when a prescription is not required, and we may in fact suggest vitamins or supplements, as nature is the best medicine. These vitamins or supplements can be purchased online at our marketplace or even your local store. We are not the sole provider of health, and hope you take more of an active role in taking your health more seriously.

Being in tune with your body is the biggest advantage that you can have when combating sickness. This is because being seen early and getting a routine going as early as possible is the best way to stay healthy. Take the time to be a soundboard that the best prevention is to be sure to get treatment early and not wait until the symptoms have complicated. Something else we offer, especially if you are sick, is prayer. As prayer is the one thing that we know will help where medicine may fail. This is why we have satisfied patients willing to give us a five star review.

If you are looking for answers and need to research a little more, take a look at our website at and see what services and products are available for your health and wellness. If you would rather have a more human-like contact, feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574 to get started on your wellness journey today.

Dr Stella Immanuel Website | Not A Primary Care

It is very important to understand that dr stella immanuel website is not a primary care provider. We have designed this website and service to service specific conditions that we happen to specialize in. The majority of physicians are pushing the agenda of the government and utilizing the poison which they are distributing at an alarming rate. We want to help you combat this and provide hope and peace in order for you to be taken care of if/when you are sick. This keeps our customers happy and coming back when they need further answers.

The team of physicians available at dr stella immanuel website do everything in their power to ensure you are seen when you need to be seen. We make several attempts within a week through text, email, and phone. We need to see you to better help you, especially if you are sick. It is imperative to your health to keep the appointments made. If we do not connect at the allotted time, or within the week, we will cancel your appointment and refund your money less 25% for the work done in an attempt to track you down. We would much rather see you at the appointed time to help forward your healing journey.

We know at dr stella immanuel website that there is a war for the soul of America, and we also know how to combat it. Dr Stella has several TV appearances with valuable information in each. She is well known for informing people of the controversial ways that can cure Covid, and she is not shy about talking about it. She has a special mission to know how to combat the agenda and that starts with prayer. We encourage you to look at these videos to better understand how God is using Dr Stella at this time. Her staying to her mission is helping the body of Christ stay vigilant in this trying time.

Utilize our service in the same manner that you would a specialist. When your general practitioner doesn’t have the right answers for your specific condition, they refer you to a specialist. There is no general practitioner that will refer you to Dr Stella, which is why your health is in your hands and you have the ability to get the services you need to keep your wellness at the forefront of your mind and body. We have found that our patients truly enjoy the service we give as it gives them hope and freedom without disturbing their Faith. We truly enjoy what we are doing here for the American People.

If you are ready to take your health in your own hands and discover more truth, please be sure to take a look at for any further information you may need to decide to take the plunge. You can also give our experienced practitioners a call at 832-808-5574 to get any further information that you need to make the best choice of your entire life.