In the wake of Covid, dr stella immanuel website as well as many other health professionals have opted to have additional options to be seen by a physician. Telehealth professionals are able to assist you with your health and wellness needs over the phone, texting, or email. If you are in fact sick, we do need to see what you look like and determine what symptoms are bothering you the most for us to effectively give you a diagnosis or referral of medication. Our website is the best way to schedule your telehealth appointment and we suggest you utilize this service.

There are fees associated with telehealth appointments scheduled on dr stella immanuel website. The fee covers the time that the providers take reviewing your chart and medical history to prescribe medication appropriately. We do always have providers available to answer any questions that you may have before or after your appointment. Any prescription medication that you are referred to by our providers will be forwarded to a pharmacy with your allergy history included where they will fill your prescription and shipment directly to your front door. None of our prescriptions include refills, so if for whatever reason you do need a refill you will have to call the pharmacy directly and pay for your refill at that time.

Fees can be confusing, but we want to be sure that on dr stella immanuel website It is very clear whenever you decide to utilize our telehealth services what fees you will be occurring. There is a physician consultant fee which will be collected at the time that you create your telehealth appointment, and there will also be a separate pharmacy fee. The physician consults with you in order to understand exactly what medication you need a prescription for. Once the consultation is done and medications are shipped to you there’s no way to refund your money because medications cannot be put back on their shelves and the work has been completed for the provider doing their medical review and providing a prescription.

One thing that we want to make crystal clear is that if you are diagnosed with having COVID, while we do have a treatment protocol that we can help you with through our telehealth services, it needs to be known that our treatment protocols are considered controversial. We do use off label procedures in completing this. This is where hydroxychloroquine as well as ivermectin has not been approved by the FDA however our research indicates it tremendously helps our patients. Once we have seen you and make any prescription or recommended vitamins or supplements, it’s not required that you purchase the supplements from our marketplace. It can just as easily be purchased from your local store.

We want to help you as much as possible either through our telehealth services or with our line of products available at our website You can contact us there or take a look at our products or services available as well as sign up to receive your free signed ebook. If you have any further questions feel free to give us a call at 832-808-5574 where our professionals are waiting to give you answers that you are needing.

Dr Stella Immanuel Website | As Seen On

There are many places you have possibly seen dr stella immanuel website even if you do not remember her name. She is best known for appearing in a white lab coat on the steps of a physician conference where the medical professionals were gathering to look for solutions for Covid. Dr Stella claimed to have had not only a cure, but also to have cured several hundred people with the same cure she claimed. This video went viral and was taken down several times on social media. Quickly she was backed by the highest held position of our country, President Trump himself. Trump was looking for a solution other than CDC recommendations which completely halted the economy.

Since that time frame, dr stella immanuel website was created and Dr Stella herself began making more and more publicized appearances. Though mainstream media would not accept her as an accredited doctor, she pressed on by connecting with people who had a platform for people wishing to hear the unbiased truth. She has appeared on the Candace Owens Show, which is presented by Prager U. The interview was designed to give her a voice as she was indeed censored for going against the mainstream narrative. Hydroxychloroquine is a medicine given freely in her home origin country to assist in treating malaria. Every week all members of the family are given the medicine to stay well, even the elderly and babies.

It is also well known that dr stella immanuel website utilizes it’s platform not only to market the vitamin and supplement products developed by her and her team of professionals, but she is also a well known preacher/ prophet by calling. She believes everything in her life is planned and is being used by God to complete his work. Which is why she has an ebook she has created which you will receive signed for free when you purchase anything at all from our marketplace called Let America Live. If you are interested in this there is also a free PDF download on her website talking about Discipling America back to God.

For someone who was not born in America, Dr Stella sure does have a passion for keeping the ideals of America in tact. Since the nation is founded on Christian principles, it is interesting the nation is rejecting anything with the tag of Christian attached to it. She feels that the church plays a big roll in the rejection of God and Christ in America and is calling on every citizen to turn back to God and take their family and community with them. If we turn from our accepted wickedness, we will begin seeing the benefits of God restoring our country.

If you are looking for a second opinion regarding the health scare currently affecting America, please take a look at our website where we are pleased to showcase the many healthcare products we have formulated to help people navigate this confusing time. If you would rather speak to a person, we also have those available when you dial 832-808-5574.